Jaime Petralia, M.Ed, CLC

   Life Coaching and Reiki in Charlottesville, Va.

What Others Have to say:

"I had the opportunity to participate in Jaime’s 4-part series, “Accessing Your Authentic Life” early this summer (2015). To say it was an insightful and rewarding experience is an understatement.  My goal in participating was to help me overcome self-imposed obstacles to moving forward as an artist. The first step was acknowledging that I am an artist.

Jaime skillfully helped me validate this, identify and navigate my obstacles and set attainable goals for overcoming them and moving forward with plans for an art based business. She is a master at revealing your true essence and what lies behind or under the surface. She’s more than a life coach; I think of her as a “life journey archaeologist”,   she helped me uncover the treasures that lie within me.

Thanks to her guidance I am moving forward with a website, business plan and have established by new business, “Wooly Fiber Works”.  I plan to use her services in the future as I proceed on this new life journey."
-Donna, Crozet, Virginia


"Jaime has laser sharp focus. Whether she directs that focus on digging for your blocks, creating goals, or choosing what steps will get you to those goals, she’s patient, clear, and supportive.  She will help you find and become the you inside you that you want to be.

 Jaime’s knowledge and use of crystals is powerful and creates a strong base for an energy session. The insights she shares may make conscious sense or not, but they still resonate with some inner piece of self. In an energy session, there is a definite sense that shifts are occurring on the level of the whole being, not just on a physical, mental, or emotional level"

-Elizabeth, Batesville, Virginia


"Jaime is an AMAZING life coach!!! I was feeling a bit uncertain about a few things in my life and she really helped me look at what was going on with some clarity.  Jaime is one of the most insightful people I have ever met!  She was able to listen to me and give me feedback on what she was hearing and made me really assess where I was and what my next steps could be.  With Jaime's help I made great gains in confidence and reaching a healthier life style. She gave me "homework" which forced me to examine my desires, as well as, set goals for myself (things I always mean to do, but never actually get around to doing).  I will always be grateful for Jaime and the time she spent helping me research and shape the life I deserve!"

-Becky, Aspen, Colorado


“I truly enjoyed and benefited greatly from my coaching sessions with Jaime! She has incredible
intuition and a wonderful ability to help me discover what I really needed to acknowledge in order to grow and be happy.   I felt completely comfortable and trusting to open up to her so my sessions could be as productive as possible. I gained an incredible new perspective of my own life and figured out what decisions I need to make in order to find and stay on my truest life path! Since my coaching, I have made some very drastic career and health changes that I needed to make to become happier and more fulfilled.  I am grateful that Jaime was able to help me see what I had to do to grow and enrich my life.”

-Chris, Charlottesville, Virginia


"When I first met Jaime I was instantly attracted to her calm presence.  I was so interested in how she would coach me with job and relationship issues.  The first conversation we had was more of getting to know each other.  Jaime really made me feel relaxed and calm, which made it really easy for me to open up to her and be myself.  Throughout our sessions Jaime really took the time to listen to me and let me get everything I needed out of my system.  The best parts of the sessions are when she would reiterate back to me what I had said.   I found this so effective. A couple times I didn’t even remember saying what I had said.  This process really helped me think about what I truly wanted and what I was going to do about the situation.  I also liked how she used different types of crystal and intent cards at the end of each session.  It was a positive way to end each session."

-Gina, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


"I was feeling that I knew where I wanted to go with my life, but I wasn't quite sure how to get there. Jaime asked insightful questions to help me clarify my goals, including helping me identify some roadblocks that I wasn't even consciously aware of. We worked together to make an action plan and she held me accountable for the weekly goals I set. She has been a great resource to help me move toward the vision I have for my life."

-Patty, Harrisonburg, Virginia