Jaime Petralia, M.Ed, CLC

   Life Coaching and Reiki in Charlottesville, Va.


Welcome! My name is Jaime Petralia, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and life coach.   My work is simply an extension of myself, and my values. I grew up with a propensity toward  helping others and being of service. This led me to a Masters Degree in Education followed by a ten year  teaching career.   My educational philosophy centered around  a very simple goal:  to help others create positive, effective, and sustainable change within their lives and community as a whole. 

In the educational sphere I felt stifled, and found myself more focused on helping my students and fellow teachers achieve personal growth, rather than master content, thus was a catalyst for me to look for alternate ways of educating while maintaining my personal values.

The transition to Life coaching has been seamless; I am now able to fully integrate my authentic values, personality, and talents into educating my clients on how to reconnect with their voice, which will then guide them toward authentic living.

I am a certified Life Coach (trained by the Life Purpose Institute which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation ).   My role as a life coach is to help those who are in transition, at a crossroads in life, feeling  stuck, or those who feel disconnected from themselves! 

In more practical terms, we will look at facets of your life and hone in on areas of dissatisfaction. We will then create a vision for your life, set realistic goals to achieve that vision, strategically implement a plan to meet those goals, and discover/move through obstacles and limiting beliefs that have prevented you from living your authentic life.

Specifically, I help you look within, clarify your thoughts, and connect with your own voice; this process gives you permission to trust your own guidance.  *You* are who you have been waiting for. 

And, to be clear, I am not a perfect person who has all of the answers.  I am simply someone with the gift of intuitive listening.  I listen to you, help you process, discard old versions of yourself, help you stop the cycles of perpetuating untruths about yourself, and help you break out of old, outdated patterns that no longer serve you.  I will honor, value, respect and lovingly observe you and hold the space for your process of unfolding.

This process requires your willingness to discard beliefs/habits/patterns that no longer serve you, as well as hard work (including homework!) and determination.  I will serve to compassionately facilitate the process and hold you accountable in regard to realizing your dreams, but to be very clear, this is your process, and you must be motivated to put in the time and energy.

If you have been guided to my page, and this resonates with you, contact me today for your free consultation.  Take the first step toward connecting with the one that loves you the most-yourself.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.