Jaime Petralia, M.Ed, CLC

   Life Coaching and Reiki in Charlottesville, Va.

What Does a life coach do?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines Coaching as an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations.

*What I do specifically is help people reconnect with their own voice which will help them guide themselves toward authentic living.  My goal is to help you reach autonomy withing your own life.  I help you figure out how to solve your own problems with knowledge from the deepest level of self.

What Happens When You Hire a Coach/How does it work?

In short, I will help you identify areas of dissatisfaction within your life.  Together we will create your highest vision for your life.  Next, we set specific, realistic, measurable, and attainable goals to help you reach your vision. Throughout this process, we will also work to uncover blocks that have been and /or continue to stifle your growth.  Lastly, we will create a strategic plan to help you not only to bring your vision to fruition, but to help you master the skills you need to sustain the results.

I will hold you accountable for your goals and your vision, even at times when you may wane in energy and confidence. 

Be prepared; there is homework, although it is always manageable, and will usually be something that excites you.

How is Life Coaching Different from COUNSELING?

Fern Gorin, the founder of The Life Purpose Institute clarifies this question in the following way:

"Counseling and Psychotherapy are processes concerned with feeling, understanding, and healing deep emotional issues.  Therapy generally focuses on healing past issues."

Coaches, on the other hand, "coach, consult, and provide emotional support to facilitate and guide the client to their own answers.  The coach partners with the client to set and achieve their desired goals.  Coaching generally focuses on the present and the future."

Furthermore, Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach University, has made the following distinctions between Coaching and traditional therapy:

  • Coaching is about achievement; therapy is about healing.
  • Coaching is about action; therapy is about understanding.
  • Coaching is about transformation; therapy is about change.              
  • Coaching is about momentum; therapy is about safety.                                
  • Coaching is about intuition; therapy is about feelings.
  • Coaching is about joy; therapy is about happiness.
  • Coaching is about performance; therapy is about progress.
  • Coaching is about synchronicity; therapy is about timing.
  • Coaching is about attraction; therapy is about protecting.
  • Coaching is about creating; therapy is about resolving.

When, Where, and How are Coaching Sessions Conducted?

First, we will meet to review intake forms/obtain some background information, and explore your interests, expectations, goals and time tables.  This initial meeting is typically 60-90 minutes.

Afterward, sessions typically last 60 minutes and occur 3 times per month.   Sessions can be done in person if you are local (central Virginia), or via telephone, Facetime and Skype

How Long Do Sessions Continue?

There is no set amount of time for coaching to continue.  We will work together until you have met your goals (time limits depend on whether you have short or long term goals, your own motivation, work habits, etc.).  The hope and model of coaching is one of strategic work to help you achieve your goals in a timely fashion.

I encourage clients to initially commit to a 90 day time frame (typically 9 sessions).

Reiki is listed as one of the modalities I MAY use.  What is it?

According to the Usui System of Natural healing, Reiki is defined as Universal Life Force Energy.  A practitioner will use this universal energy and direct it through another person's body in hopes of attuning that person to this healing energy.  The outcomes include relaxation, emotional calming, emotional release, and support in healing processes. Reiki is not meant to diagnose or treat, nor can it do harm.